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Deed Restrictions
  • Deed Restrictions: Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
  • Deed Restrictions Enforcement Guidelines:
The Board of Directors of Briargrove Property Owners, Inc. has approved and established the following deed restrictions enforcement guidelines:
  • Violations to Briargrove Governing Documents:
    • Complaint filed by resident or Board member. 
    • ARC, KRJ, or a member of the board is notified.
    • A courtesy letter is sent to subject homeowner.  Homeowner is expected to cure the violation, or ask questions.
  • Fines for curable violations of the Governing Documents are issued according to the following procedures:
    •  A courtesy letter will be sent to the Owner of the initial violation of the Governing Documents.
    • If the violation is not cured, a Demand Letter will be sent to the Owner stating that if the violation is not cured within a  time period set forth in the Demand Letter,  a fine may be imposed for noncompliance.
    • If noncompliance still exits, a fine will then be imposed against the Owner of $50, plus administrative costs related to the imposition of the fine.
    • If the same  or a substantially similar violation of the Governing Documents occurs after a thirty (30) day period from the date of the imposition of the initial fine and any subsequent fine, the amount of the fine will  increase by $50 for each subsequent violation.