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Board of Directors
President            Whitney Russell
Vice-President   Jonathan Seliger 
Treasurer            Tom Zenner  
Secretary            Tara English  
Director               Ross Apffel  
Director               Freddie Barela
Director              Jonathan Bonck 
Director               Earl Correll    
Director               Luke Davis   

The Briargrove board of directors is comprised of nine duly elected, or appointed, members-at-large.


The Briargrove board of directors consists of nine homeowners that are elected at large for three-year terms. No more than two members may reside in the same legal section as noted herein. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms.

The board is required to hold an annual meeting with notification provided to homeowners not more than 60 days and not less than 10 days before the scheduled meeting. If there are valid proxies or attendance of 50 or more Briargrove residents at the annual meeting, the directors whose terms expire that year must stand for re-election. If there are not 50 or more attendants or proxies at the meeting, the board is not required to conduct business. In the event there is no quorum, the board is authorized to appoint the directors whose terms expire at the meeting, or thereafter.